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We Have Human Rights

The Manual “We Have Human Rights”, created by the Harvard School of Law Project on Disability”.

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  • “L’accessibilité et les services offerts aux étudiants ayant des limitations fonctionnelles dans les institutions d’enseignement postsecondaire au Québec”, directory,
    December 1997
  • “Intégration au travail des étudiantes et étudiants ayant des incapacités au postsecondaire; les conditions de réussite”.
    December 1996
  • “Accessibilité et services aux étudiants(es) dans les institutions d’enseignement postsecondaire au Québec”, preliminary report,
    October 1994


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  • “Mémoire déposé aux États généraux sur l’Éducation”.
    October 1995
  • “Problématique reliée à la situation des étudiants(es) ayant des limitations fonctionnelles majeures”, Brief submitted to the Working Group on financial assistance for students.
    February 1995



  • “Hermes”, the AQEIPS’ newsletter. Bi-annual. (ended in 2012)



  • Promotional flyer explaining our goals, our accomplishments, and services offered.

Annual Reports

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  • Activity Report 1992-1993
    April 1993
  • Activity Report 1993-1994
    April 1994
  • Activity Report 1994-1995
    April 1995
  • Activity Report 1995-1996
    April 1996
  • Activity Report 1996-1997
    April 1997
  • Activity Report 1997-1998
    April 1998
  • Activity Report 1998-1999
    April 1999


  • Annual General Meeting 2016:


Zoom consultation with students with disabilities about their accessibility needs in remote classes with AQEIPS and NEADS – summary report Report on the Consultation with Students with Disabilities, Post-Secondary Teachers and Adapted Services Counsellors on Accessibility of Remote Classes During the COVID-19 Pandemic