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Form 1015

Our Actions to End the Discrimination by Student Financial Aid (SFA/AFE) Caused by Form 1015

Since SFA/AFE changed its form 1015 in 2018, thereby denying access to its accommodations for loans and bursaries for students with invisible disabilities, we have taken many steps to end this discrimination. We published an open letter and launched a petition. We facilitated a virtual roundtable with a lawyer to talk to students that had been affected, as well as to other stakeholders in the field of post-secondary education. We continue to work on actions to move this issue forward.

This page is an archive of all our work on this issue. It will be updated frequently, so save it in your favourites! If you’ve been affected by the situation, we want to hear from you, so please fill out the survey below.



Article by Nicolas Labbé-Corbin on the subject: Student Financial Assistance Program Discriminates According to Disability – AQEIPS

Petition on the National Assembly’s website (archives)

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