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Scholarships Program 2022-2023

AQEIPS would like to congratulate the winners of our 2022-2023 scholarships program.

We thank all the students who applied this year. This program would not be possible without our generous donors, who help post-secondary students with disabilities achieve their goals thanks to their donations. We also wish to thank the jury for this year.

This year, we raised about $7000 and awarded seven $1000 scholarships.


Audrey is completing a technical DCS in Nursing. 

Received: $1000

Vincent is completing a technical DCS in Fire Security/Fire Fighting.

Receiving: $1000

Florence is completing a Pre-university DCS in Natural Sciences. 

Received: $1000

Linda is completing a bachelor’s degree in Law. 

Received: $1000

Patricia is completing a bachelor’s degree in Teaching Professional and Technical Training.

Received: $1000

Corinne is completing a master’s degree in Software Engineering. 

Received: $1000

Sarah is completing a doctorate in Philosophy and Business Management. 

Received: $1000