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Scholarships Program 2018-2019

The AQEIPS would like to congratulate the winners of our 2018-2019 scholarships program.

We thank all the students who participated in this year’s program.
This program would not be possible without the generous donations of our sponsors, who helped us support post-secondary students with disabilities to achieve their goals.

This year, we raised $3700. AQEIPS will therefore award four $900 scholarships. This
corresponds to one in each of the following categories: (1) college, pre-university
programme; (2) college, technical programme; (3) university, undergraduate programme;
and (4) university, Master’s and PhD programmes. Since we did not receive any
applications from SWD undertaking vocational studies, we did not award any scholarships
in this category. We wish to thank the volunteer jury for the 2019 year: Blanche Mageau-
Béland, general secretary of the Quebec Student Union; Mariloue Daudier, project manager
for training at the Comité sectoriel de main-d’oeuvre / Économie sociale et action
communautaire (CSMO-ÉSAC); Jean-Christophe Gascon, assistant project manager at
AQEIPS; and Adèle-Élise Prévost, assistant project manager at AQEIPS.

Together, we can make a difference!


Frédérique Plante

Préuniversitaire en science de la nature

Cégep de St-Jérôme

Martine Cardinal

Technique d’éducation spécialisée

Cégep de St-Jérôme

Yanick Racicot

Baccalauréat en adaptation scolaire

Université de Montréal

Shanie Roy

Candidate à la maîtrise en droit du travail