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Employment Integration Program


The Employment Integration Program was put into place by Emploi-Québec to encourage employers to hire on a long-term basis people living with disabilities. If you have an employer who is able to adequately supervise you, they may be eligible for a grant to make efforts to ensure that the premises are accessible. The temporary or permanent positions available for this program must be vacant or newly created.


Your Local Employment Center is responsible for directing you towards participating organizations. You are also eligible if you are already hired and your employer applies for the grant. The work week must vary between 12 and 40 hours. The duration of the grant is 52 weeks and may be renewable under certain conditions.


This financial aid covers the following:

  • Wage subsidy of up to 80% for the first year and 75% in case of renewal;
  • Wage subsidy for all efforts to make the premises accessible;
  • Grant to purchase or set up an adapted work station;
  • Grant to evaluate the abilities and limitations of the employee;
  • Grant to pay for an interpreter for the hearing impaired;
  • Compensation wage due to an absence relating to medical treatment;
  • Grant to hire an aid

For additional information on this program offered by Emploi-Québec, please contact your local employment center.