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Parke-Davis Epilepsy Scholarships

Sixteen scholarships valued at $3000 each are granted each year to students with epilepsy.  To be eligible for this scholarship program, candidates must meet two of the following eligibility criteria: 

–       Have graduated from high school and have applied for admission to a college or university program;    

–       Be a student at the postsecondary level; 

–       Be under a physician’s care for the treatment of epilepsy and taking anti-epileptic medication. 

Applicants who meet two of the above listed criteria must submit the following documents: 

–       The scholarship application form;

–       A 250-word essay explaining why they are deserving of this scholarship; 

–       A letter of recommendation from the attending physician;

–       A letter of recommendation from a teacher, principal, or employer;

–       A copy of your high school, college, or university transcript;

Proof of enrolment from a postsecondary educational institution


To apply for this scholarship program, please contact: 

Parke-Davis Epilepsy Scholarships a/s IntraMed,

1633 Broadway, 25th Floor,

 New York, NY 10019,

1-800 292-7373