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NEADS Equity Through Education Awards

This award is granted to students with disabilities who have shown community involvement through their work or volunteering efforts.  The candidates must demonstrate that they are capable of being an active member in their community.


To be eligible for this award, candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. In addition they must be enrolled in a full-time program at a recognized Canadian postsecondary educational institution. A full-time program is defined as the pursuit of studies at the rate of 40% of a full-time program.   The value of this award can reach $3000.  Applicants must provide the following documents:  

–       Completed application form;

–       Proof of enrolment in a postsecondary  program;

–       A document attesting to their disability (medical certificate, letter from the applicant’s school’s office for integration of persons with disabilities, or a document proving that the applicant receives assistance by reason of a disability);

–       Academic transcript;

–       Two letters of recommendation (one written by a person from the applicant’s community, the other by someone from the applicant’s educational institution); 

–       A copy of the applicant’s résumé.


Applicants must send all the above documentation to the following address: 

NEADS Action-Education Scholarships 

c/o Scholarship Committee  

National Educational Association of Disabled Students

Room 426, Unicentre, Carleton University,