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Fondation Cypihot-Ouellette – Bourse Jeanne-Cypihot


With the aim of sustaining the interest and encouraging the efforts of students with visual impairments towards their pursuit of higher education, The Fondation Cypihot-Ouellette has set up a fund to finance this bursary. It is valued at $1000.   The following documents must are required:      

–       A cover letter containing the applicant’s name, street address and other contact information. It should also include a letter describing the applicants achievements, social involvement and efforts devoted to promote positive attitudes and perceptions of people living with a visual impairment;

–        A document attesting to the applicant’s visual impairment;

–       An attestation proving the applicant’s enrolment in an educational institution,  as well as copies of transcripts substantiating academic performance;

–       A letter of reference from the applicant’s academic community. 

All documents need to be sent to the following address:


Fondation Cypihot-Ouellette  Don Jeanne-Cypihot

1071 De Meulles

St-Bruno-de-Montarville (Québec)

J3V 3A4