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Brain Injury Association of Canada Scholarships

Students who are victims of a traumatic head or brain injury and are enrolled in a full-time study such as an apprenticeship or trades program, a program leading to a certificate, a diploma, an undergraduate, a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a doctor’s degree, are eligible for a bursary offered by the Brain Injury Association of Canada, in the amount of $2000. This bursary is offered to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and people who are protected under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. To apply for this bursary program, please complete the following:

–       Complete the downloadable application form accessible from the BIAC website  (please click here)

–       Provide a medical certificate or an attestation, issued by an association or institution, certifying the brain injury;

–       Have two different people complete the assessment form.  The assessment form will establish the applicant’s ability to pursue his or her course of study; it is available on the BIAC website.  (Please click here)

–       A proof of enrolment to the educational institution 

–       A transcript for the last semester completed

–        Information about the applicant’s financial situation attesting to the need for financial support in order to pursue his or her studies. 

For more information about this bursary program, please contact the BIAC at the following address: 

 Brain Injury Association of Canada (BIAC)/ Bursary program

155, Queen street, # 808

Ottawa, Ontario     

 K1P 6L1

Tel. : 1-866-977-2492 (toll free)

Fax: (613) 236-5208