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Bursary and Summer Employment Program National Bank of Canada

The National Bank of Canada has established a bursary and summer employment program intended to encourage individuals living with disabilities to pursue postsecondary studies, and to promote their occupational integration.  Two scholarships followed by a paid 12-week internship are offered to students enrolled in a university program. Students enrolled in college program are offered a $2500 scholarship and a 10-week internship.   The following criteria must be met to apply for this bursary program: 

–       Be 17 years old or over and able to legally work in Canada, and reside in Québec; 

–       Live with a functional disability documented by a health care professional (health certificate); hold an official letter from the integration office of the educational institution the applicant is attending; or hold a letter from a rehabilitation centre or manpower centre for persons with disabilities;  

–       Be enrolled in full or part-time postsecondary studies relating to the field of banking (administration, economics, computer science, labour relations, communications, public relations, law, etc.).  University students must attend an educational institution located in Québec, Ontario or New Brunswick, while college students must attend an educational institution located in Québec.

Candidates who meet all eligibility criteria must submit all documents listed below: 

–       An official academic transcript including class average;

–       A letter attesting to the candidate’s enrolment for the current academic year;

–       A letter of recommendation issued by a teacher, employer or person other than a relative;

–       A copy of the candidate’s medical certificate or an official letter attesting to the candidate’s disability from the integration office for persons with disabilities; a rehabilitation centre; or a manpower centre;  

–       A copy of the candidate’s résumé; 

–       The completed and signed application form. 

For more information, please visit the following address: 

National Bank of Canada / Responsable diversité

600, La Gauchetière West Street, 8th floor

Montreal (Quebec)      H3B 4L2

Human resources Center

Toll free: 1 877 394-0781