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Bursary Program/ Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

Three scholarships valued at $1000 each are awarded to students suffering from a hearing impairment.  The following steps must be followed in order to apply for this scholarship program: 

–       Complete the Bursary application form. (Please note that only one application form needs to be completed for all bursary requests : the selection committee will study each request in connection with all the bursaries to which they may be admissible);

–       Provide a proof of hearing impairment : a dated audiogram signed by an audiologist; 

–       Provide a copy of the applicant’s academic transcript;

–       Write a personal declaration of a maximum of 500 words in which applicants describe themselves, their personal achievements, and all of their professional and personal goals;

–       Attach two letters of recommendation of at most 500 words each. Such letters must be issued by people other than parents and are preferably written on official, printed letterhead.

The above documents must be submitted to the following address:

Scholarship program/Canadian Hard of Hearing Association 

2415 Holly Lane, pièce 205,

Ottawa (Ontario)       K1V 7P2

Voix : (613) 526-1584

Toll free : 1-800-263-8068

Fax : (613) 526-4718

ATS : (613) 526-2692