AQEIPS en-tête

Fonds Lucie-et-Phil-Latulippe (Université Laval)

This fund was established to encourage the participation of physical activities at l’Université Laval students who live with impairments (physical or sensory) by improving access to the sports facilities at l’Université Laval.  These three bursaries are valued at $1000.  To apply for these bursaries, a student must meet the two following eligibility criteria: full or part-time enrollment at l’Université Laval, and a diagnosis of physical or sensory impairment recognized by l’Université Laval.  Applicants are also asked to write a letter of interest (500 words or more), explaining their financial difficulties and how they intend to use the bursary in connection with sports activities, as well as how these activities will contribute to the applicant’s well-being.   The application form should be sent electronically as soon as the applicant’s file is received.  The additional documents must be sent to the Bureau des bourses et de l’aide financière of l’Université Laval at the following address: 


Bureau des bourses et de l’Aide financière

Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins

2325, rue de l’Université, local 2546

Université Laval, Québec (Québec)

G1V 0A6