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Fondation du centre de réadaptation Interval Scholarships

These bursaries are offered by the Fondation du centre de réadaptation Interval with respect to providing assistance to students with physical disabilities in the pursuit of their studies.  These bursaries are divided into two categories: the education category and the achievement category. The education category is open to people with mobility impairments, who are pursuing a course of study at the college or university level.  As for the achievement category, it is offered to people who present a project aiming at the socio-professional integration of people living with disabilities.  The project includes three $1000 bursaries for the education category, and four $500 bursaries for the achievement category.  The registration forms are available at the Students’ services office.  You must attach an attestation of studies to your documents and send all documents to the following address: 

Fondation du Centre de réadaptation Interval

Bourses d’études de la Fondation

20 rue Notre-Dame Est

Trois-Rivières (Québec) 

G8T 9J1