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Quebec association of Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities (QAPSD) – Bursary Program


Ever year The Quebec Association of Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities (QAPSD) offers bursaries of $500 each to students with disabilities (These bursaries are based on available funding). The purpose of these bursaries is to encourage students with disabilities to pursue post-secondary education; defend their rights; promote social integration; and help defray the additional costs related to being a student with disabilities.  A minimum of one bursary is awarded to a student pursuing post secondary studies, whether it be a Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP), a college program (pre-university or technical), or a university program (undergraduate or postgraduate). 

To apply for this bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria:

–       Be an active member of the QAPSD (membership can be applied for when submitting application);

–       Have successfully completed at least one course in a secondary educational institution recognized by MELS, during the session immediately preceding the application;

–       Have a documented permanent disability (as certified by a physician or an advisor from the office for the integration of people with disabilities of the educational institution). 

If you meet the above criteria, you must submit the following documents:

–       The request form (can be obtained by contacting QAPSD)

–       The QAPSD membership application as well as payment of the membership fees (for those who are not already members of the association)

–       A cover letter explaining why the applicant is motivated to pursue postsecondary studies; their community involvement; and their work experience

–       A copy of the applicant’s résumé

–       An attestation of the applicant’s enrolment and a copy of the transcript certifying the applicant’s enrolment in a postsecondary educational institution as well as the successful completion of at least one course;

–       A letter attesting to special needs or functional limitations of the applicant;

–       A letter of recommendation from someone who has accompanied the applicant along the course of his/her academic or professional path. 

To obtain additional information about the QAPSD, you may contact them at: 

Comité de bourses de l’AQEIPS

425, Sherbrooke East street, # 06

Montréal (Québec)  H2L 1J9

Phone : (514) 499-9451

Montreal (Quebec)  H2L 1J9

Tel: (514) 499-9451