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Independent Living – Montreal

Metropolitan Montreal Independent Living Resource Centre (MM-ILRC)


The Metropolitan Montreal Independent Living Resource Centre (MM-ILRC) is an organization which is aimed at helping individuals living with a disability achieve their independent living goals, and participate in community life. There are two different types of memberships for this organization:


  • Active members: either a person with a disability, a family member or guardian residing in Laval, the island of Montreal or the South Shore (Boucherville, Brossard, Saint-Hubert). No contribution is required to belong to this category.
  • Support members: non-profit organizations or individuals who share the mission of the center. A financial contribution is required as a membership fee.

The membership application form is available on the MM-ILRC website:



The organization’s activities focus on four programs:

Information and networking: this program provides access to information and establishes a network among the members of the center, the community and government agencies.

-“Approaching Employment”- The Bridge Program: support workshops and preparation for entry into the labor market are organized as well as assistance writing a resume, preparing for an interview and information sessions regarding training programs;

The Buoy Program: This program is intended for individuals with development and/or intellectual disabilities. Reference tools and direction on available services as well as information on rehabilitation and educational resources are provided.

Food for Thought: This program focuses on healthy eating. The workshops provide you with the tools necessary for making healthy food choices.


You can join the Resource Center for Independent Living of Metropolitan Montreal at the following address: