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Paratransit – Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean

The Société de Transport du Saguenay (STS) is responsible for providing paratransit service in the town of Saguenay. The service is offered for the town of Saguenay and individuals wishing to benefit from such service must reside in this area in a permanent manner.  To subscribe to the service, one must first complete a form available on the STS website, Demande d’admission au transport adapté . This form comprises of two parts which must be filled out by the individual m


aking the request and a health care professional.  Once completed, the form must be sent to the following address:  

Comité d’admissibilité au transport adapté
1330, rue Bersimis
Chicoutimi (QC)  G7K 1A5
Tel : (418) 545-2489
Fax : (418) 545-9976


Once the application has been accepted, the user’s name will be added to the STS record and a card and user number will be issued. It is the user’s responsibility to notify the STS of any change to the information appearing in the user’s file with the STS, if necessary.


Reservations for transport are made by phoning (418) 545-2489 during the service hours of 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.  A request for transportation must be made before 4 p.m. the day before the planned outing.  The STS must be informed of cancellations as soon as possible.  


A monthly pass is offered to full-time students of all ages. It is possible to buy a quarterly pass called “ULTRAPASSE” for a period of 4½ or 6 months. 

Student passes can only be purchased at the following points of sale:

ü  Coopsco (UQAC)

ü  Coopsco (Cégep de Chicoutimi)

ü  L’Encrier (Cégep de Jonquière)


Following is a list of other paratransit providers in the Saguenay region:

  • Taxi 2151 La Baie (secteur La Baie)
    1444, Bagot street
    La Baie (Québec)  G7B 2P5
    (418) 544-2151
  • Radio Taxi Saguenay enr. (secteur Chicoutimi)
    457, Racine East street
    Chicoutimi (Québec)  G7H 1T5
    (418) 545-4230
  • Taxi Diamond (secteur Jonquière)
    2475, St-Dominique street
    Jonquière (Québec)  G7X 6K4
    (418) 547-212