AQEIPS en-tête

Paratransit – Northern Québec

The company Transport Adapté Chapais, Chibougamau, Baie-James (TACCBJ) is charged with providing paratransit service in the municipalities of Chapais, Chibougamau and James Bay. The application consists of completing two forms.  The first form must be completed by the user while the second form, must be filled out by a physician or a health care professional to confirm the applicants diagnosis. Once the documents have been submitted, an eligibility committee will assess the request and render a decision to in writing.  Application forms can be obtained from the CLSC’s of Chibougamau or Chapais, or from the paratransit office at the following address :  878 rue Perreault, Chibougamau, Québec,  G8P 2K3  The reservation desk is open from Monday to Friday.  Service hours are also offered from Monday to Friday. For more information about fares, please contact the TACCBJ at (418) 748-6346.