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Paratransit in selected regions

Paratransit is a measure established by the Ministère des Transports du Québec to promote the academic, socioeconomic and professional integration of people with disabilities. This measure was implemented to ensure the equality of opportunities for persons with major functional limitations. The eligibility criteria established by the ministère des Transports are as follows:

–       Be a person living with a disability that is a significant and persistent impairment.  A significant and persistent impairment is defined as the loss, malformation, anomaly, or insufficiency of an organ, of a structure, or of a mental, psychological, physiological or anatomical function. This impairment must be permanent and limit the requesting party from carrying out normal activities[1].  

–       Have mobility limitations that justify the use of paratransit services, such as: 

  • Inability to walk 400 meters on level ground, due to a motor or an organic disability (year-round or under winter conditions); 
  • Inability to go up a step 35 centimeters high with support, or step down without support, due to a motor or organic disability;
  • Inability to go through all the stages involved in a trip on public transport due to an extreme fatigability deriving from a severe and chronic cardiac or respiratory deficiency; from a severe neurological deficiency; or from a musculoskeletal deficiency.
  • Inability to keep track of time or find one’s bearings due to intellectual disability, severe and persistent mental disorder, autism, or severe neurological  damage;
  • Inability to communicate verbally or by sign, due to intellectual disability, severe and persistent mental disorder, deaf-blindness, autism or severe neurological damage;    
  • Inability to control situations or behaviours that could be injurious to one’s own safety or the safety of others, due to intellectual disability, severe and persistent mental disorder, autism, severe neurological damage, or uncontrolled or partly-controlled epilepsy causing frequent and severe seizures[2].


If the person meets the conditions described above, the next step would be to request paratransit services from the paratransit service provider(s) nearest you by completing the application form available to that effect. The eligibility criteria are the same everywhere throughout the province of Quebec since they have been issued and established by the Ministère des Transports du Québec; the application procedure, however, may vary depending on the area of residence.  

[1] Canada, Québec, Ministère des transports du Québec, published in 1998 “La politique d’admissibilité au transport adapté”  Section 3.1 (Page 12)  visited on October 07, 2010