AQEIPS en-tête


ASAD is an organization that aims to support independent living for individuals living with a disability and improve their quality of life. Services are available to people of all ages who have a persistent and significant disability, and face obstacles in carrying out daily activities. Services are provided by a group of volunteers and home care workers. It is important to note that support staff are recruited under strict criteria, and criminal background checks are conducted. The following services are provided:

–       The “Friendly Visit”: a visit is organized between the individual with the disability and a volunteer with whom common interests are shared.

–       Transportation assistant/companion: a travel companion is offered for medical appointments. Paratransit is only available to adults with appointments outside the city of Sherbrooke.

–       Shopping Assistance: receive assistance when running errands.

–       Hospital Visits: be accompanied by someone for medical visits.

–       Assistance with Correspondence: someone is made available to help read and write official correspondence.

–       Outings and activities are organized to allow individuals living with disabilities to participate. Group activities such as l’Entre-Nous encourage and strengthen relationships between members.

Aside from these main services, you have the option of renting a ramp for a modest price. There is also Café-Internet which allows you to become familiar with computers. A trainer is available to provide assistance. A membership fee is required to become a member. Membership status gives you access to the L’autonome journal, to the volunteers and support staff and you can participate in general meetings. If you would like more information please visit their website: