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Employment and Persons with Disabilities

The AQEIPS’ Vision:

  • At equal competence, hiring a person with a disability
  • Access to the regular job market
  • Obligation to accommodate, as stated in the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Charters
  • Post-secondary studies = facilitating access to the regular job market

The AQEIPS’ Orientations:

  • Persons with a post-secondary educational background should have better access to the regular job market compared to those who do not.
  • Insuring reasonable accommodations by employers and aiming for permanent full-time jobs.


To achieve our goals, we must:

  • Take the obligation to accommodate into account
  • Take part in community life so our voice will be heard
  • Strengthen our partnerships (organizations, governments, unions, etc.)
  • Defend individual and collective rights and offer support to students with disabilities
  • Raise awareness, inform, and educate the community