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The Investments in Adaptive Measures for Students with Learning Disabilities

We recently wrote a response to an article published in the Journal de Montréal that challenged the importance of the investments in adaptive measures for students with learning disabilities. The Montreal Gazette published it. See:   *** We are proud to announce the name of the winners for the AQEIPS’ 2014-2015 scholarship program.… Continue Reading The Investments in Adaptive Measures for Students with Learning Disabilities

2012-2013 School year

Dear member, AQEIPS team would like to wish yo great school year. This is also to remind you that as the new school term begins, it is important to ensure that everything is in place to guarantee that your courses are accessible and your right to education is respected. AQEIPS urges you to contact your… Continue Reading 2012-2013 School year

Scholarships Program

Accessible Media Inc. Scholarship Program is a new program. Two scholarships of $5000 each will be awarded, one of which will be reserved for a student living with significant and long term functional limitations (permanent disability).   To be eligible for this program, you must meet the following criteria:   Be a Canadian citizen or… Continue Reading Scholarships Program

Rising Tuition Fees

CALLING OUT TO ALL MEMBERS! Seeking stories from students with disabilities against rising tuition fees   The AQEIPS spoke out against rising tuition fees on March 21, 2012. An increase in tuition fees will create new obstacles for post-secondary students with disabilities.   Until now, the obstacles experienced by students with disabilities have garnered little… Continue Reading Rising Tuition Fees