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Independent Living

Other programs have been put into place in order to increase equal opportunity, particularly for individuals living with a disability that wish to make changes to the facilities in their home to create an environment that better meets their needs. Two programs that have been put into place by the Government of Quebec are:


  • Residential Adaptation Assistance Program
  • Rent Supplement Program


What is the Residential Adaptation Assistance Program?


The Residential Adaptation Assistance Program is a program designed for individuals living with a disability that wish to make changes to the facilities in their homes. Some of these changes include building larger doorways, installing ramps outside the building, and making changes to the bathroom. This program financially assists the owner of the dwelling in which the disabled individual lives. Financial aid up to $16 000 can be provided, and individuals may be able to benefit from additional aid up to $7 000.  Members of the Société d’Habitation du Québec will determine what changes will be made based on a report provided by an occupational therapist.


Am I Eligible?


To be eligible, you must obtain a report from an occupational therapist stating that your disability is “significant, persistent, and that the disability simply requires modifications to the individual’s home;” you must also prove that you are not eligible for any other financial assistance programs for home adaptation such as those provided by the Société d’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) or the Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du Travail (CSST).


The landloard must also respect certain criteria such as having you as a tenant, meaning an individual living with a disability residing in the building who wishes to make adaptive changes to her or his apartment because they are currently limited in the daily activities they can engage in. Buildings that are eligible for these programs are single-family dwellings, apartment buildings, rooming houses, mobile homes, condominiums, and finally nursing homes with less than nine people residing in them.


To obtain the application form or to get more information contact your local community service center (CLSC).


What is the Rent Supplement Program?


The Rent Supplement Program provides housing assistance to individuals living with a disability which allows them to live in a “private rental housing or owned by housing cooperatives or non-profit organizations, while paying rent similar to that of a low-income housing”. Individuals mandated by the Société d’Habitation Québec to manage this program are the housing authorities, rehabilitation centers for disabled persons, cooperatives and non-profit housing organizations. La Société d’Habitation Quebec pays the property owner the difference between the rent under the lease and the share of rent payable by the tenant. The share of the rent is calculated in accordance with the Regulations on conditions of affordable rental housing. All rules are on the SAQ Website:

1.1 Independent Living Centers

The Independent Living Centers are institutions whose primary mission is to promote independence and inclusion of people living with disabilities, regardless of the nature of the disability, through a series of activities. They respond to the rights and needs to:

  • To live in dignity in the community in which we choose to live;
  • To actively contribute to all aspects of one’s life;
  • To affirms oneself in making personal decisions.


There are four independent living centers in Quebec which are affiliated with Independent Living Canada: Vie Autonome Bas-Saint-Laurent, le centre de ressources pour la vie autonome d’Abitibi-Témiscamingue (Val-d’Or), Metropolitan Montreal Independent Living Resource Centre, Vie Autonome Montérégie.