AQEIPS en-tête

Board of Directors and Employees


The AQEIPS Board of Directors


                                  Board of Directors 2018-2019
President Jérôme Archambault
Vice-president of internal affairs and treasurer Shamron Spence
Vice-president of external affairs Dr. Marjorie Vidal
Secretary Frank Pinat
Director Dr. Jean Horvais
Director  Jean-Pierre Saint-Denis
Director  Ousmane Tiendella Fall
Coopted member Dr. Catherine Fichten
Coopted member  Marie-Anne Joachim


The AQEIPS’s employees

Gilda Boffa (executive director, translator and proofreader)

Nicolas Labbé-Corbin (assistant to the executive director and project manager)

Marie-Hélène Tanguay (communications officer)

Kris Woodside (bookkeeper and administrative assistant)